Why Eco?

Why Eco?

Every time we turn on the electric switch, every time we cook or open the fridge we consume energy. Energy produced at a power station is polluting the environment. For every kilowatt-hour we consume, more than one kilogram of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. By saving energy, we contribute to the protection of the environment, which makes its vital.

That’s why La Bellezza Eco Boutique Hotel is also actively and practically trying to help protect the environment as well as save energy.

Below you’ll find information about our effort in Santorini Island.

 |   Heat and air cooling system:

La Bellezza Eco Boutique Hotel facilities are heated by a combination of solar thermal panels on the terrace and pumps by using water circulation. In other words, water is heated by the sun. Fan coils are installed to all our suites and apartments in order to ensure better performance including the best possible control of working frequency. Optimum power is applied in all cooling and heating ranges. Maximum comfortable conditions are achieved while consuming minimum energy. All the pipe work throughout the facilities is insulated. There are also boilers to restore any shortfall.


We are collecting rain water and using it for the main swimming pool. Internal underground water tanks are used to collect water for future use. In such way we avoid waste of the public water network system.

Thermal performance efficiency:

External walls of the construction include insulation. Additional thermal insulation has been added on the roof. Moreover, all the windows are soundproof with triple energy saver.


The paints have been produced by Greek companies and have eco-label certification. Furthermore, they using natural ingredients.


All handmade beds are unique to the LA BELLEZZA Eco Boutique Hotel and are made by using of natural materials. All mattresses are suitable for all body types. The mattress covers can be also removed and cleaned. A top-mattress is the perfect complement to a bed-mattress upon request. Finally, our top mattresses are made of solid natural rubber foam and include Aloe Vera.


Our hypoallergenic pillows are made in Greece from 100% organic rubber and cotton. The sheets and pillowcases are natural cotton and bedding is all hypoallergenic. In addition, all cleaning materials are approved and eco-friendly.


La Bellezza Eco Boutique Hotel’s philosophy is to promote the local bio products directly from local suppliers. Our main supplier applies a Food Safety Management System (HACCP), where all products are kept according to their type and category. Trying for the best, the ISO 22000 (Risk Analysis – Critical Control Points) system, which is specialized in ensuring the hygiene and safety of food, is also being implemented. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal, and organic. We make efforts to buy all bio products from small local producers of Santorini and the near islands.


The lighting in the suites and apartments is low energy by using led technology. The external lighting is controlled ensuring safety and is only switched on when it’s needed. In addition, low energy  lighting has been used throughout the facilities.

Re-cycle philoshophy:

Our guest houses guides are made from recycled paper. We use only eco friendly cleaning products with certifications. Last but not least, all our waste is separated and the vast majority recycled.